Sunday, March 13, 2011

A Memory of a Place I Love

This winter we spent an afternoon/evening in NYC, and as always, what fun it was! This city has to be one of the best cities in the States at Christmas. There's nothing quite like New York City. 
 The tree at Rockefeller Center that sits above that wonderful rink, glitters with thousands of lights. There are skaters upon skaters twirling around the ice beside the famous golden statue and waterfall. One of my favorites though... the white angels singing for the joy of Christmas. What a sight! 
Saint Patrick's Cathedral is a must-see each and every trip. With all the hustle and bustle of the big city, it's nice to take a few quiet minutes in prayer in such a beautiful Church.
 I really love the streets of New York. The people, the buildings... there is so much character. What a place to take pictures! Yes, I took a ton (these are just some of them). 
 I can't say New York has the best window displays because it is the only city I have ever been to to see their windows, but I can bet I'd rate it number one. How can you not!? Look at those windows! The detail going into it is amazing. Can you imagine having that job?! 
     And not only are the store windows fabulous, but the inside of the stores are gorgeous as well. The lights, the sights, all the people, buildings, red and white lights beaming from the taxis and  green and red on traffic lights... it all adds to the wonderful Christmas feel.
We love to walk in and out our favorite shops. NBC is one of them. Seinfeld and The Office always catch our eyes. ;)
And, if you are touring a city with me, most likely I know if there is a cupcake shop in town... its name, its location and maybe even the entire menu. ;) We made a quick stop into Magnolia Bakery for a delicious, freshly baked and iced Rockette Red Velvet cupcake and a warm cup of hot chocolate. Soooo good. I wish I could hop right back into the adorable little bakery this evening.


  1. I live here and I don't usually see it through those eyes. It is so hard to not become tainted. I love your photographs! More more more please!