Friday, September 5, 2014

quick vists are better than no visits

If you've been a follower for a while, you know that the Hubs whole family lives in the Northeast, as well as most of my family. The only family we have here are my parents, now my grandmother, and my Dad's sister and her family. While we love living down south, we certainly miss our family far away.

Two people in particular are my brother-in-law and sister-in-law. I dream of the days where we live close by (preferably in the south - wink) to each other. Not only do the Hubs and I enjoy their company, but so do our kiddos. They always have great fun with their aunt and uncle... their only aunt and uncle by blood relation. I wish the boys could grow up with them around regularly. But since they don't, we make the best of the distance.

They couldn't be here for Zelie's actual arrival, but they came and spent this past Monday and Tuesday with us. After they arrived on Monday, everyone (except Z and I) went out to lunch and then they took the boys to the zoo for a while and came back and we enjoyed hanging out for the evening at the house. And on Tuesday we went out to lunch. It was my first little outing since Z's birth. I really enjoyed it. My Hubs sweet mom stayed in the car with Zelie and Gus, since he was taking a good long nap and the four of us and Will had a very enjoyable lunch together. I wish we could do these outings together more frequently. Unfortunately, I am guessing the next time we are all together is at Christmas. 

For my readers who live far away from family and loved ones, what do you do to make the distance sweeter?

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