Friday, September 26, 2014

closing out on week two

We are almost through with week two of life with Momma and three kiddos (and the Hubs, of course, when he gets home after work). We've certainly had our good moments and our bad, but we made it! The hardest part is not having a moments break until bedtime. The boys and Zelie don't have the same schedules, so when they are napping, she isn't. She's still a tremendously wonderful and easy going baby, but like all, or most, babies, they like to be held and need to be loved on. Yesterday for the first time I had a brief moment where she was asleep and the boys were watching part of a movie. But in that time, I had to get dinner cooking. They say nap when they nap. I'm pretty certain whoever first quoted that was not a mom of multiple children. Sure, you can maybe get a nap in while your only child naps, but when you have multiple children, especially on different schedules, that is just not possible. At any given "break" that is when the cooking, cleaning, bills and paperwork must get done.

We're dealing with things like picking up and saying whatever they hear, biting, fighting, wrestling, negotiating. But on top of that whole mix of crazy, we're dealing with an immense amount of sweetness. As the days and weeks go on, life will settle in more, a routine will develop and there will be a new normal. 

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