Wednesday, October 16, 2013

what's your excuse?

I saw this picture online yesterday and then heard about it on the news this morning. Apparently there are mixed reviews about this. Her original post online doesn't sound so bad, but I thought I'd give you my take on it. First of all, her "job" is a physical trainer. That picture with her three young sons is a bit deceiving to me. She doesn't spend all day long cooking, cleaning, and caring for those three little boys. She's not a stay-at-home mom. And when she goes to work, she's working out. When I go to work, during those hours she is at a gym, I am scrubbing floors, doing laundry, cooking for the boys, paying bills, etc. I think we should all make time to take care of ourselves during the day, even us stay-at-home moms. By doing a 30 minute DVD during nap time or going for a quick run, you can't expect to necessarily look like this as a stay-at-home mom. She devotes a lot of time exercising in her day to get this result. Sure, if I had someone watch my little men for a full day and spent that time exercising, then posed for a picture with them in front of me while wearing a skimpy outfit, I could give the impression that I take care of them and work out enough to look like this. I think her tips on the link above are helpful, but I don't like how this picture deceives you. I think it's really hard for us Mommas that are home, giving our all to our families, and only wishing we had enough time do even do something for 5 minutes for ourselves, to see this. At least, for me it is. My Momma body will never look like this picture above again. I won't have time to devote to myself until all my kiddos are out and about on their own. And in the mean time, I can try my best to eat healthy and get exercise in as well as it fits in our unpredictable schedule. I can't even set my alarm to wake up before the boys, like she suggests, because they aren't fully consistent in their wake up time. And I need my sleep. If I had to set my alarm with enough time to wake up, exercise and shower before they do, I'd be up at 4. And y'all, that is not going to happen. My time for exercising will happen during nap time... when they are successful, which lately, is not occurring. For all you Mommas who are able to get out and exercise and still take care of your family, that is amazing. And for all you Mommas that are like me, do your best and do take care of yourself. But don't make yourself crazy thinking you have to look like this mom in the picture. We are all at different stages in our lives and some of your excuses, really might be valid. I know some of mine are.

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  1. Amen, Sister! I think it's great that she can do that...and I hold nothing against her. I don't like the caption..."What's your excuse" becuase I don't have one...and I don't need one. I have no desire to look like her or dedicate my time in that fashion...and that is OK. To each his/her own. But to imply that a mom that doesn't look like her is unhealthy is an ignorant comparison. Buff does not necessarily equal healthy, just as skinny doesn't equal healthy...Plus, God didn't give everyone the ability to look like her. :)