Sunday, October 27, 2013

the nanny milk project

One month ago today, we began a journey switching the boys to goat's milk, rather than cow's. Since then, we have gone back and forth to test reactions with different types of yogurt and milk. Today we realized that goat's milk is here to stay for a while. The boys love yogurt so much, but since they can't have the normal kind, my sweet mother-in-law has been sitting with me this evening, researching exactly what to do to make my own. We found a site that is a wealth of knowledge! It makes me want to make lots of things myself! In my spare time, of course!

So, the boys will be off yogurt for a few days until my order comes in and I get my first batch going! I am pretty excited because the type of yogurt I chose doesn't need a machine, heated milk, or anything fancy! I ordered a few glass jars to store the yogurt in, but other than that and the starter, this will be an easy peasy adjustment that I am excited to start!

It will be a basic viili style and I can flavor it myself with fruit, vanilla, maple syrup... anything! Fingers crossed that the boys like it just as much as I am excited about it! I love making things homemade with the highest nutrition level (especially for the boys), but it is the beginning of a whole different journey that I am just beginning. I still go out to eat, drink sweet tea, eat gold fish, and have my nightly glass of chocolate milk, but I am starting in little ways and doing my best as I go. It's an adjustment that I am not ready to jump right into. Plus it is hard on the wallet, unless you do the right research and adjust your budget to fit this and reevaluate your needs in food. 

I'll definitely pop back in to tell you how it goes once I make my first batch!

Oh, and nanny milk is what we now call the goat milk. FYI.

Here's our nanny milk, though we buy the powdered kind now to help ease the pain of the cost.

My family in Massachusetts gave us pure maple syrup from their trees and the boys have been devouring it in their yogurt lately. Their cow's milk yogurt that caused tummy explosions for the poor guys. But the syrup will continue in the new yogurt for sure.

Their favorite combo has been mashed bananas with maple syrup mixed into the yogurt. They seem to think it is a little bit of heaven!

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  1. Wow, I'm excited to hear how it turns out! I actually love goat's milk, but you're's hard on the wallet, and since we don't have a dietary necessity for it, we don't usually get it. Love your nightly glass of chocolate milk; mine's a nightly glass of hot cocoa! :)