Tuesday, October 15, 2013

sometimes this job requires a heck of a lot of patience

I'm going to be honest here, sometimes being a mom is really hard and requires a heck of a lot of patience. Far more patience than I have. Far more. Let's face it. It may be so glorious, but it is hard. It starts out hard, even before they arrive. Morning all day sickness. See what I mean? That hit me real early on. How about sleepless nights? Forget about sleeping in! ha. That's a total joke. The time you use to replenish your energy is now gone. Gone. Moms can't be selfish. It is not in the cards. It is not in the mom book of vocabulary. Though sometimes I some how let it slip in (okay, I just typed sleep in there. I really must be tired.) I'm sadly guilty of it. When I don't sleep well at night and then the boys have me up sometimes hour before sunrise, and we go, go, go, all day long, it is hard. It is hard not to wish for sleep. It is hard not to want a break. There is no slip up room. You can't just say, "Hey, handg on a sec while I finish my hot mug of coffee." (that you end up drinking cold 3 hours later... if you are lucky.) Or, how about that warm meal you just dished yourself, after preparing it even while you are simply exhausted and want to do nothing more than open a bag of chips because you are too tired to even heat a can of soup... Yeah, those turn into cold dishes too. You can't say give me 45 minutes while I go for a jog/run. Your time is not your own anymore. Everyone around you is allowed to focus on themselves, but not you. A Mom's job is never ever done. And sometimes, along with being overly tired, I let this get to me, and that is where the selfish desires come in. And, sometimes it makes me cranky. I have learned in the past not to pray for too much extra patience because God will happily send reasons to be patient my way. Between napping at different times, waking up at different times, insisting to drive their little carts through spaces not intended for traffic, chasing Jimmy, intersecting with each other and their cars/trucks so neither boy can move and just listening to them stand there and scream. The list goes on. 

I have heard and read so many blogs and facebook posts that are so cheery towards motherhood, that they make it seem like it is such a piece of cake, an easy job, and always so very pleasant. And while I applaud them for having the grace and patience to feel that way, or heck, even fake it so the world doesn't see inside, I thought I'd spill my heart and let you know that if you do feel the way I do on some days, it is okay. You know why? Because being a mom is the hardest job there is. And then you add being a wife to it, and your husband is a whole different entity in and of itself to make sure you care for and love on! And if you are a stay-at-home mom and housewife, it is even harder, because you really never get a break. It is okay to feel this way, as long as you do your best to not take it out on those you love, which I am known to be guilty of. I have my rule of not letting them see my crankiness when I get to their door in the morning, even though all I want to do is sleep. And I try to always speak pleasantly to them, but just ask the hubs, everyone gets a dose of me sometimes. And I am working hard at it. I wish I was always seeing the glass half full, seeing the sunny side, very patient and kind at all times, but the honest truth is being a mom gets the best of me sometimes. I truly give it my all, to being a wife and mom, but sometimes it's not good enough and I have to see my faults, where I've messed up and work at it even harder from there. 

Now, before I finish up, being a housewife and stay-at-home mom is also the greatest joy and gift I could have been given. So many people close to me either have to or feel they have to go to work and I am blessed that we have made it work (though giving up a lot at times) that I can be home all the time with these bundles of joy, energy, and love. This is a truly glorious job that is being a wife and mom is. My two bundles of beautiful, but endless energy make every tiring second worth it! Truly. But I still wouldn't mind a break or two at times (hint, hint, little men!) or even a nap! 

So for those of you sweet Mommas out there that have all the patience and grace I could only dream of, thank you for being an example and please share your tips! And those of you, equally as sweet Mommas, who do feel worn out sometimes and feel like you have cloudy days in the sky of your life, keep going on, because you are truly a wonderful Momma! Even in your tiring days, you keep going and that is very admirable! 

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  1. Beautiful post! I sure wish we lived closer; you really are an inspiring person in so many ways. I love reading your updates, and wise words!