Monday, September 9, 2013

going home

We just got home from a really nice 2 week long vacation. We spent time visiting our family in the northeast. We hit Maryland, Virginia, D.C., Jersey and New York and it was all a ton of fun. I wish we could have seen even more people and stayed longer, but as it was, the time was tight. When all of your family lives far away and you only have two weeks, the time goes by quite quickly! And throw in a first birthday party for the boys and visits to my sweet grandfather sick in the hospital, time was precious. The biggest thing that I missed was seeing my sisters. They weren't able to make it to the boys' party and I wasn't able to make it there. I hope that when we travel in the winter we can spend time together. I will post about our trip another day, but I wanted to write about coming back home.

Time away is always sweet, no matter where we are... visiting family or on a beach vacation. Time always flies by us and we have to make each and every memory count. But there is nothing like coming home. When we arrived home last night, it was surely bitter sweet, but we walked in and the house looked bigger, prettier, and cleaner. It's funny how time away makes you love your home even more. At least it does that for me. Whenever I leave home for a period, whether it be a weekend or two weeks, I try to leave our home clean and orderly so we can come home to no mess. Unpacking the car and bringing everything in creates enough mess for me!

When we arrived home last night, we pulled into the garage and opened the car doors and smelled a burning smell, something electrical. Then we got out of the car and saw a ton of water all over the garage/basement floor! Our de-humidifer system malfunctioned and water was everywhere. The burnt smell was from a motor that went bad. So within 10 minutes of arriving home, I was leaving again for Home Depot to buy a wet vac and special pipe materials for the hubs, who was staying home to work on the situation. It was a mess. When I finally arrived back home, I had Gus and Will duty, while unloading the car, bringing it all upstairs and putting everything away. And then I went to put something in the panty and I smelled something. And then I touched something sticky. I had three sweet potatoes in the pantry and they went bad, and oozed everywhere! When I say everywhere, I mean it went through the shelf liners, the baskets and onto the floor, from three shelves up. I had to empty the entire pantry and wash what could be rinsed and put things into new containers/baggies. And wash the closet from all stickiness. It was a mess and I didn't finish until 10pm. Then I had to put more things away from our trip and I went to bed at 11 and just collapsed.

Part of me wanted to go away again to leave the mess and not have to deal with it, but most of me was happy to be home in our little nest again. And now today, it is back to the routine along with catching up on a few things from while we were away. Hopefully I can get into the groove again and get some serious blogging done on a regular basis. Enjoy your day!

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