Friday, September 27, 2013

losing grip

Over the past few months, I have started noticing pain and weakness in my right hand. Over the past two months or so, it has becoming considerably worse and certain functions can't be done without bad pain. After speaking to a few people and doing research online, it seems pretty clear that I have some sort of tendinitis (De Quervain's Tendinitis). Unfortunately I have been told that lifting heavy things... or babies (two is even better!)... continually aggravates the situation not giving the area enough chance to heal on its own. The pain is in my right hand, the one I do everything with. Even the smallest things have become painful. From putting a pen to paper for a grocery list or note to a dear friend. Or capturing all the cute moments of my boys' lives behind my camera lens. Changing diapers, brushing my hair or teeth, or washing endless dishes. The pain is here. Sometimes it completely cripples my abilities. Temporarily.

Now, I am not writing this for a poor me so you feel sorry for me. I am because it leads to deeper thoughts. While I am temporarily crippled, my thoughts travel to my sweet Aunt Mare, my mom's lifelong, dear friend. She is the kindest, fun-loving, God-lover, enthusiastic, creative soul. Her glass ia always full. Back in August, she was diagnosed with ALS, the same disease she lost her father to. And to now see her suffering the effects of such a deadly disease stings my soul. I think of her husband, her two daughters, one of which is one of my dearest and closest friends, having to watch their wife and mom suffer is painful. My friend, Jilly, has been such a support to her mom, taking off weeks of work at a time to be there to care for her in every way needed, taking her to quilting retreats, helping her sew still. Everything. She is such a strong heart for her mom.

Each and every day I notice the immobility of my hand, it send my thoughts directly to her and what she is going through. It helps keep her always in my prayers. Her entire life and those around her that love her has dramatically been changed upside down. When I pick up a pen to write a check and can't for the moment, I think about how she can't just reposition her ways to regain the ability.

Aunt Mare is blessed with a joyful outlook, a positive mindset, and an incredibly loving and strong support group of family and friends. She has a long road head of her and it certainly won't be an easy one, so if you would, please keep her and her entire family, especially Jilly, on your prayer list. You can also follow her blog that she just started up. She has a gift of sharing her words. Share her journey.

Love you Aunt Mare!

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