Tuesday, January 22, 2013

their new routine

we have a new routine for the boys. it started a few nights ago. tonight will be night 3 i believe following this new trend. i pray it sticks because it is lovely. i clean up the house, making sure everything is nice and tidy (for the most part) and then at 9:00 we turn the lights down low, tv off (if it is on), and have a quiet and calm atmosphere. then we feed the boys, pray our family rosary while we are feeding them and then put them to bed by 9:30. it is truly wonderful because it gives me quiet time to get things done. my goal is to have everything in the day done by then so i can have that time to myself. whether i use it to run, organize a few things, write some e-mails, blog... whatever it may be, i am hoping i can use that time to relax, catch up on some shows, etc...

eventually, hopefully the 9:00 hour will get even earlier, but for now, this is a huge break from what we had been doing previously. i'm still learning this whole mom thing. i'm enjoying each and every second, even the sleepless ones.

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