Thursday, January 10, 2013

of course it would go this way

I have been waiting for this day, forever! When Megan found out we were in town, she wanted to get together, and I was overly excited trying to plan the day. It ended up having to wait until today, the day before our last day on vacation. I envisioned it all. My hair would be perfect. I'd have my makeup done, I'd look different than I usually do when I am in mom-mode. I wouldn't have my hair in a ponytail. I would have some sort of makeup on. I would have a put together outfit. And....... I'd take pictures. Geesh. Why would I think I could take pictures of the photographer of all photographers?!
 So, this is how it went. Last night my one clean pair of pants left had a bottle of formula spilled all over them, which meant they needed to be cleaned. They weren't dry by this morning, which meant I had to take my hair blow dryer and dry them the rest of the way part of the way.  Yes, it meant my pants were a little bit wet. Okay, so now I have my wet pants on and I go to do my hair, wash my face, put some makeup on, etc, to then realize that all my toiletries were left in Mami's car from our night spent at Nina's. So now my excitement of being semi-dolled up went out the window and this dear friend of mind was going to be seeing me, the real me these days. I won't even go into the rest of the things I didn't get to do... or had to do to get myself ready. If you call this ready!

With all that put aside though, I was so happy to be seeing her, having lunch and topping it all off by being surprised by a photo shoot! Besides Megan being a dear, sweet friend, her talent amazes me. All the time. I never expected her to offer to take our pictures. The boys had sweaters with dribble all over them, Gus just had a sweatshirt on, and well, I just told you how I looked. But, how I could I turn an offer from her down? She photographed Gus and I for our engagement. She photographed our wedding and now, she photographed us as a growing family.

And then she asked for a picture of her and the boys. And not only did she hand over her iPhone, but her camera. You know, the real thing. Not a piddly thing thing or a kit lens. None of that. It was the real deal. I was beyond nervous. I was taking her picture with her camera. Yikes. I was so nervous, I chopped her legs off midway. I centered her in the photo. I am positive I broke all the rules. All of them. Absolutely positive.

I was a bit stressed going into the restaurant to meet her for lunch, for lots of reasons, but I had an amazing time. I wish we had more time. I hope we can visit again soon. No time restrictions. And previously showered! 

Megan, you are the sweetest as always.
Thank you for everything. For meeting us. For the pictures. For being a sweet friend. For everything.
And give that sweet Mom of yours a little kiss from each boy!

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