Thursday, January 3, 2013


it's amazing how God gets through to me sometimes. i have a lot on my mind and in my heart for this new year. i am loving being away and on vacation visiting family, but all the going from here to there has really held me back from getting into my routine for 2013. i decided not to really stress over it and enjoy the time we have here. the food, the schedule, or lack of one. but, i do truly look forward to a quiet moment in my home, praying about the things i want to change and work on this coming year. i try to work on things all year long and don't need to wait for the start of a calendar year, but for me, it always feels like a good time to start fresh. a new year, a new planner, a new calendar hanging on the wall, etc.

a dear friend of mine made a virtue jar this new year. each member of her family picked a virtue, written on paper and folded up, from the jar to focus on in 2013. she offered to her friends a virtue from their jar and so i jumped at it! my word for 2013 is servant. God must really want me to have more of a servant heart because it is something i was thinking of. i want our family as a whole to be more servant oriented. i want to help others more. i think it is really important for our boys to learn how to be geared to serving others, loving Jesus that the home and out. i think we need to start in the home, how we treat each other, how we give to each other in our home, etc. and then let it overflow to others outside of our home. 

now not only as a wife, but as a mom of two boys, i have many ways to let my heart be servant oriented, though i will need more grace. i get tired and want help, but i am going to try to live simpler and have more time to do for others.

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