Friday, June 8, 2012

Time For A New Planner

This planner cover is what I would like to have. Metallic gold, refillable.
One problem. It is sinfully expensive.
None of my plans are worthy of a $200 cover!

The Container Store also has a gold metallic planner cover, but it's not really what I am looking for. The color is nice, but it is hard and not a nice soft leather feel.

I'm super picky about my planner contents. I don't need any fancy spaces, but I need to be able to see my plans, or really lack of them these days, in the proper layout.

My current planner, which is just a plain one from Staples (that gets thrown away at the end of it's time), has a layout of each month, like normal calendars, but the most important part is the daily/weekly view. I prefer to have a daily space to write, laid out on two pages for the week. And I prefer each day to lay out vertically, in rows spanning both pages.
Those spaces get filled with each day's to-do list, and I cross off as I go.
I don't do well without my daily to-do list.
My little notes, my to-do lists, important pieces of info... it is all critical in keeping me going. Otherwise, I will forget it all. 

I never use the phone and address section because this book changes yearly. 
I have all that important info in a separate address book in my desk.
I don't need extra space for notes or anything along those lines.
I keep a note pad with simple lined paper that I use for all my grocery/shopping lists, longer notes, etc.
So, I'm not really asking for much. Just a gold, soft cover and the insert to meet my little needs.
And as long as it has the daily overview across the two pages, I am even willing to take it in a different set up, not in vertical columns.

If any of my readers come across something like this, please let me know!
I only have until August in my current planner, and I like to plan ahead.

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