Monday, June 11, 2012

The Adventures of Mami, Mare, and Mono

It all began 12 days ago. Mami flew in for a nice, long (well, not long enough) visit. She arrived in the later afternoon and the following day was the big, awaited doctor visit to see if I'd be released from the torturous bed rest. Thankfully I've been doing well and I was taken off strict bed rest and can now do little things here and there, but nothing major, nothing strenuous. While Mami was here, we stayed at home mostly all day long, except for one little treat to go somewhere if I wanted. We didn't do much when we went out, but we went to Saks (to look around!), a baby clothing store, Apple, Williams-Sonoma (and a few other stores like that), the grocery store, Church, out to eat a few places... and Mom joined in on the shopping on one of the days which was a lot of fun! I was happy to have her with us. Normally we took the morning easy, went to Mass and had lunch and our little adventure in the afternoon. Then I came home and took a little nap. I've noticed if I can get a good nap in, it helps a lot! One of our adventures took us to a consignment shop and a new little place in town that I just loved. It took a lot to not spend any money. There were 2 or 3 things I really wanted. A purse (no surprise there), a shirt and a bracelet. Actually, there were a few pieces of jewelry that I would have liked to walk out of the store with.

When Mami comes, we have a lot of fun, even if we are just lounging at home. Her visits can never be long enough. She is so easy to have around. No fuss, no need to impress. We can just be Mami, Mare, and Mono.... oh and Jimmy. Our days are quiet and calm and very enjoyable. I wish Mono could be home with us more too, but we try to save the fun and going out to eat until after work, when he can be there too. 

We have a guest room upstairs, but it is really called Mami's room. She loves to set it up all cozy with her things and she sleeps soundly, all cuddled up in her bed. In the mornings, she comes down and drinks her coffee and checks the latest news and we just chat. Then the day begins.

Mami left the other day, and now we are just waiting for her next visit... We're hoping she can come back again soon, even possibly in a few weeks! Fingers crossed. Her room will be waiting, and so will we!

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