Tuesday, November 4, 2014

you always want what you don't have

I have always wanted curly hair and my hair is far from curly. I have thin, limp, straight, blah hair. 
I hate it. The texture, color, everything. I wish I had different hair. But, this is what God gave me and unless I get myself a wig, I've gotta work with it!
Oh, and to make matters worse, my hair doesn't curl well. Like at all. I've gone to the salon to have it done and by the time they get to the end of my head, they have to re-curl it, and even at that, it is basically no curl. Look, I'll show you.
That was an hour after it was curled twice and touched up. Pretty pathetic.

So then a few years back I was walking through the mall and I was stopped by one of the people working at a kiosk. I never stop, but I saw they had a curling iron that was curling hair real well. I let them try it on me and it actually did curl my hair pretty well! And not only well, but it stayed curly!  
partial curls
 full head of curls
It even stayed for days, like in this picture. I just spray some new hairspray and flip my head around some and it fluffs good as new.
So this is a great way for me to curl my hair, but it can also be tough because it takes me a while. Recently I learned of a new product that is quite easy and it is super cheap! I had a few glitches that added to the time, but I think it will become a lot easier and much quicker when I do it a few times. They look pretty funky, but they are easy to use and gave good curl to my hair!

 My goal is to get good enough to be real quick so I can have curly hair multiple times a week! Do you have any good tricks/products to help with curly hair? 

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