Friday, October 17, 2014

five things friday: meet marisa

Today I want to introduce you to my friend, Marisa, owner of Griffin Family Farms. I'm really not sure where I'd be as a mom without her. Honestly. She has helped me get through the little and the big and she is always always there for me. She's crazy generous. No lie. And, to make her even better, she has the greatest line of homemade organic products for your family. Shampoo for you, moisturizer for your sister, salve for your baby's bottom. Heck, she even has laundry detergent! Do yourself a favor, and check her product line out on Facebook

As a momma to three little ones, I use her products daily on them. I use them for myself as well. So does my Hubs. And I'm here to share my five most commonly used products from Griffin Family Farms. 

1. Lavender Rose Lotion: I use this for myself and for my baby girl. Great smell, fabulous texture and amazing results.

2. Teething Oil: No one likes a hurting/teething baby. This stuff goes a long way and will do wonders for those sore little gums.

3. Gripe Water Tea: This has helped my littlest one with her tummy tremendously.

4. Elderberry Syrup: Hello cold season! This is a must have in our house. The kids (including my oldest 30 something year old) all love it and constantly ask for more. 

5. Miracle Salve: I saved the best for last. We all use this. It is amazing for diaper rash, or just rashes in general, cuts, bruises, burns. Oh burns. I'm telling you, I am blonde in the kitchen and always end up burning myself. And this salve is It helps quick healing and the pain! 

She has a wonderful little business going and I am happy to watch it blossom. She has helped so many people through her products and her kindness, including myself and many of my friends. You won't be disappointed. And she is always willing to answer your questions, gives great details and instructions on using her products and she will ship to your house so you don't have to be local!! Now go check her out!

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