Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Perfect Weather For a Stroll

Today we ordered our double stroller for the boys! We have a frame for their infant car seats to click into, but a good walking stroller was still on hold. We knew the one we wanted, but we were waiting for the changes in the newest model to come out. It is finally out, and today we placed our order!!! It should be here on Saturday and if that is true, the second it arrives, if the weather is okay to take the boys out, we will be going on a walk!

The weather has been so beautiful here. We've had our windows open this evening, letting in the fresh air and sounds of chirping birds. How calming! I got the okay today from my doctor that I can start exercising, starting with good walks. Perfect timing for this gorgeous weather... and the stroller's arrival!

Each year, for the past few years I get the info for the Seaside half marathon held in March. And each year, when this time rolls around and I get the message from them, I really get the itch to sign up and run it. I am far from being able to run a half marathon, but boy would I love to sign up and work my way towards that. I wish I had some sort of really good training program that would work me up to being able to do a walk/run in March. Anyone think it is possible? 

As soon as their stroller arrives, I will post pictures of our first walk!!

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