Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Dear Santa,

Dear Santa,

I know it is a bit early. It's not even July 4th yet, but I wanted to put something on my list.
I am not sure where exactly this would sit in our home, but it is something I would love.
There are a lot of things that I really, really love, but this would be used for giving to others... and you know that is one of my very favorite things to do! 
Not only do I love to give, but I love to present it nicely.
One thing I have been wanting to do is have only a few things to choose from, a few colors, a few types of accessories... one look for each occasion.
This would keep things a lot simpler.

So I ask for Christmas, for this bit of loveliness from Martha's collection.
I can picture it perfectly. 
One roll of brown paper for shipping (and wrapping too).
One roll for Christmas.
One roll for birthdays.
One roll for every day occasions.
Cubbies for handy accessories needed while wrapping the perfect gift.
A row of ribbons, wired, bakers twine, raffia....
And then the clean and open workspace to wrap the package.
Four drawers to hold tissue paper to coordinate with each of the wrapping papers I have chosen, and a drawer for good ol' white tissue.
Then some fun deeper drawers for embellishments and tags for the tops of gifts.

 Can it be any more perfect?
Can't you just picture that being the perfect gift?
Besides being a wife and mom, the two dream jobs that I'd love to do are open an orphanage and wrap gifts. Yes, two very different loves, but they are both in my heart... both for giving. The orphanage is way out of my ability, but the gift wrapping can be done in my own little way for family and friends during the year.
So Santa, if I am on the nice list, and you can send one of your elves to find just the right spot, I'd love to see this under the tree!

Mary Anne

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