Saturday, January 29, 2011

An Opporunity Of A Lifetime

Tomorrow morning I am meeting with a wedding dress designer and I am quite excited! This is going to be the closest thing I will get to working with a real fashion designer, and that excites me! I can't wait to sit down and show her my ideas and pick her brain and see what the two of us can come up with. And then of course, see if the outcome is even a possibility…monetarily. I know anything is possible in the fashion industry, unfortunately (there have been many unfortunate designs out there in Hollywood). But the dreams I have dreamed up that are now sketched out on paper may not be possible in the "wallet" industry…… No matter if the dress on paper turns to a dress in fabric or not, it will be an experience I will remember forever I am sure. Now if only I could be meeting with a bridesmaids dress designer, my issues in that area could be nearing completion. I'll update you all tomorrow or Sunday, whenever I am able to get back to blogging!

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