Thursday, January 13, 2011

Janurary 13/365 Moments of My Little Life

Today was quite the exciting day! I went for my first peek at bridal gowns. Being that Mono reads my blogs each and every day (thanks Mon!!!), I can't post any pictures of the dresses I even tried on. I don't want him even getting a hint at what I do or do not like. ;) But, I didn't leave empty handed in the line of pictures to share and here is one that I chose for today's picture. 


This shop was gorgeous. The ladies were lovely and knew exactly what they were doing. I went with my Mom and my Maid of Honor/Best Friend and we had a great time. These are the little rooms that you go in. Actually, they weren't little. They were quite large. I think just the right size. :) So it was a great day. And I will always remember Day 13 of my 365 Momements of My Little Life project.

P.S. I have pictures from Days 11 and 12, but they were on a separate camera card that I have not loaded yet. Still to come!

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