Friday, February 1, 2013

breaking news: the good kind

The boys took a nap. Together. For three hours. Yes, three hours, together! This is a first. Their naps are never together and never more than 20 minutes at a time. 
I wish I knew this was going to occur because there is so much I would have done and planned to do. Instead, I kept thinking hmmm, 20 minutes, they'll be up soon. Gosh, 45 minutes. They will be up any minute. An hour and a half, are they alive? An hour and forty-five minutes, no really, are they alive? I would have run, showered, did a crafty thing or two, written out some thank you cards that I still have to write... there is just so much I could have done. Though, I can't complain. The house was quiet, and I did get a lot of house work accomplished, while still enjoying the downtime.
I am in complete disbelief with what just went on in this house! There is one very, very happy Momma in this house! I feel the need to celebrate! Okay, or just go keep cleaning the house. Let's hope this is a February tradition. And March, April, May, June, and so on..... Thank you boys!


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