Friday, September 7, 2012

Is There Such a Gift as Your Own Get Well Gift?

Is there a point where it can become acceptable to buy yourself a get well gift?
After having our boys, I have been back in the hospital for two more stays... and they aren't even two weeks old yet.
This isn't a pity party, just a pick-me-up.
A "you are in the clear, and are doing so well," kinda gift.
Are there such presents?
Probably not. But why not start the idea?! Someone should!

I love my Longchamp Le Pliage black tote and I carry it everywhere. Sometimes, if I am using a smaller purse for just a few things, like when going out to dinner, I still keep my daily needs (planner, sun glasses, a few cosmetics, etc) tucked away in there and leave it in the car or at least at home, ready for use again! It's the perfect size. It is okay to get banged around a bit too.
And a great feature, it can fold up so neatly and small that it is great for tucking away in your luggage. I did that one our honeymoon. I brought my small cute clutches for dinners out and such, and took out my Le Pliage for some daily outings in which I'd need a bit more storage space.

Now, while I was not planning on really carrying a purse with me, along with my diaper bag, I had the idea of having an easy to use purse, with my belongings (planner, keys, phone, etc.), that can be stashed inside there. This way my things don't get lost in the huge bag and I can take that out and have my purse all ready to go if I don't need to carrying my big bag for the boys.

I think that sounds rather doable. I just needed to think of the perfect bag to use. It cannot be heavy at all, or bulky, or else it would add way too much to the weight of their diaper bag and take up too much space. So... I think the best purse is the Le Pliage in navy... it matches their diaper bag too since the main color of that is navy. It's the same as my black one, (medium size with long handles), just in my fav. navy color!

Now, since I can't go shopping, I had to look online to see it's availability... It came up at Saks, which happens to be very close by to the hospital...and it is in stock (limited availability). I wonder if they deliver? hehe. But, before I could get through to that website, this came up:
 Do you think some of the other wives and moms here at the hospital may be thinking the exact same thing I am (wondering if they can be qualified to purchase a get well gift for themselves) and the husbands have gotten together to some how pull strings for this page to come up when any credit card could so easily be used?

Oh, all of this is just to humor myself while I sit here. I am serious about wanting this. But not serious in being able to get it for myself. I have received the greatest gifts ever (my boys) and no get well gift could compare to just being home with them... though this would be pretty nice!! I have to be up and about in the room a little more, but I thought I'd get some of my crazy thoughts out first so I don't trip over them!

Anyone in favor of this idea, raise your hand!

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