Monday, December 27, 2010

A Day In The Life Of My Purse

My purse is always filled with a few essentials... Here are a few of things things you are just about guaranteed to find!
My grandparents bought me a matching purse (Vera Bradley Villager in the middle) to the wallet I carry for Christmas. It's a really nice size for everything I always carry! You are always going to find either the Blistex or Chapstick... or maybe both, a hand lotion... or my new ointment that I love. I always have extra hair ties to pull my hair back during the day. My keys to Miss Jetta, my phone, my rosary, multiple colors, paper (maybe my journal and note book) and last but certainly not camera! 

My purse is always full. These are just the basics. ;) What do you carry in your bag?

I may have a slight obsession with purses....Just a little one. ;)

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